For our very first blog post we thought it was best to give a shout out to those who've helped us infinitely throughout this process.  Taking what started out as a simple idea and designing a product while simultaneously trying to start a business was not our forte.   The learning curve was steep to say the least. We leaned on a lot of people, especially our husbands, and never made a decision without running it by our team and over-thinking it in every which way. 

Jessie from Mr Boddingtons Studio designed our label and after months of pining over the design we think she did a damn good job.

The guys at Taylor Stitch helped us with the marketing angles and gave us some good inspiration with their amazing products.   

And of course Elle from Elle McCann Designs  who was amazing in helping us design our website and walked us through every step of this e-commerce world!

Cheers to Birdling Bags and summer…finally!