Ridgewood Memorial Day “Fun” Run circa '87



This annual tradition was torture for me.  I hated to run (still do) and cried from start to finish all the while my dad telling me to toughen up.  Meag, on the other hand, LOVED this run because she had more energy than the normal childhood dose.   Also, thanks to our moms and whoever our stylists were for the 2 for 1 special on 9" bushy bangs.  Tess and Shay, don't worry, we will never have your bangs start at your ponytail.  Thanks especially to Wendy Douglas for Meag's coordinated "running gear".  


Hope you guys are making lots of great memories this weekend whether you are venturing near or far :)  


Cheers to Memorial Day!  #birdlingventures


Court and Meag