I love small spaces and seeing what other families and business owners have done to maximize theirs.  We asked Sarah Hart to show us how she transformed a small nook in her butlers pantry into her home office to help manage the busy lives of herself, her husband and her 4 amazing boys.



Since we don’t have a separate room for an office in our 1920’s home we decided to turn the butler’s pantry, the area between our kitchen and dining room, into one.



It’s a place to throw my bag, mail, keys and school papers, but because it’s out in the open and I can’t shut a door to hide clutter, I like to keep it as organized and pretty as possible. Cute bowls, baskets and mugs come in handy for hiding keys, change and the 200 tubes of chapstick we own.


Luckily we have some storage cabinets above our desk for things like craft supplies, electrical cords, batteries, and other junk we accumulate. We decided to install a simple shelf below the cabinets so that we didn’t have to clutter up the desk with all the bowls, baskets and mugs and to display little works of arts from our kids.



To make things look pretty, I think plants and fresh flowers are a must, as well as a cozy throw over the back of a chair.