Last Saturday we decided it would be a perfect day to take a trip with friends to the Warwick Valley Winery in Warwick NY. It’s located about 1.5 hours north west of NYC. Turns out that being 80 degrees, sunny and a slight breeze gave a whole lot of other people the same idea! After a long drive and several tossed goldfish on the recently cleaned car mats, we got there. Our friends had already arrived and had begun drinking cider and red wine. With limited table space for lunch, most of the patrons had brought blanket for a picnic. (veteran move - always keep a picnic blanket in the car) Ooops, we did not bring a picnic blanket. After a kids dance party with the country music cover band, a few snacks and a few meltdowns we were ready to hit the orchard. Waiting for the tractor ride to take us up to the entrance we realize we could be a little late in the season for such a small orchard.



WVW has excellent food, wine tasting, music and a ‘boutique’ apple and pear orchard. Boutique in this sense means after one weekend of apple picking the apples are gone. We were coming up on week 4. (Ooops again) We had spent the better part of a week teaching Tess to say App-le Pick-ing, whenever we asked where we were going this weekend. She was so excited to share the day with her little friends Nicholas and Will. I felt so badly for her when I soon realized the apples were all gone and our bags would be empty.

 It didn’t seem to bother the kid’s one bit. With dogs running crazy and kids picking up the rotten apples off the ground, it actually seemed like they were having a blast regardless of the apples count. About halfway through the orchard we found a tree (more of a bush) that hadn’t been picked. We directed the kids to the bush and they had 0 interest in picking. Turns out all they wanted to do was be with each other on a gorgeous day, getting grass stains on their clothes and rolling around in the dirt. I guess we can learn a thing or two from the little ones. Doesn’t matter the activity so long as you are with good friends and family! (tear)




About the time I was happy they were just having fun, we came across some giant crates that WVW had waived in from local nearby orchards. The kids had a better time climbing in the crates, and going after the already picked apples, then they ever would have actually picking. We took the newest member of the Birdling Bag lineup (The Overnight) bag out for a test drive. Check back as it will be available soon!