Birdling's first holiday season is rapidly approaching and we are starting to think about all the lovely people in our lives we want to buy gifts for!  Here is the first in our series of Gift Guides-Men!


1. Taylor Stitch Sea Washed Indigo Crewneck. Designed by some of the most creative and talented men we know!  Check out their entire line that is constantly introducing new products!


2. Warby Parker sunglasses.  These are a never fail on my husbands christmas list.  Every year the kids destroy the lenses or somehow they get lost and I have yet to find a pair of Warby Parkers I don't like!  Warby shows us there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on great frames.


3. New Balance Kicks.  No one is making better street sneakers.  Comfortable, fashionable, and you'll finally have something in common with your Dad. 


4. Sonos Speakers.  Love anything where you can add as you go with no additional cost.


5. The 7 deadly Sins tumbler set from Love & Victory.  


6. Men love fire. Here's a nice simple fire pit alternative to the hardware store special.


7. Clae shoes.  Blending formal and casual Clae shoes are hands down the lightest and most comfortable shoes for men around.


8.  A Harry's Shave set!  The absolute perfect gift.


9. A poler beanie.  Some of the best outdoor gear around.


10. Last but certainly not least...A Birdling Overnighter!