Loving everything on our first of many gift guides for Her!  


1.  I am always looking for unique gifts for my sister in laws or friends that have an edgier style.  This skull planter fits the bill perfectly!


2.  Another planter that you can not go wrong with-no matter what her style.  Looks great anywhere and is slim enough to fit in an apartment or small space.  DEFINITELY on my christmas list this year! 


3.  A unique twist on the initial craze, this ring from Catbird is a no-fail for a new Mom.  Looks great stacked with multiple initials as well! 


4.  I'm loving all of these woven storage bins- You can find them in pretty much every store this year but if you are ordering online, I happen to love these ones that are handmade by Wolof women in rural Senegal.


5.  Mr. Boddington's (the designer's for the Birdling label/tag)  became an obsession for me a while back when a friend used them for her wedding invitations.  Some of the most unique and interesting designs around.  Great stationary is always good to have on hand and you can't go wrong with any of their options!


6. The perfect gift to mask the kids, the dogs, and the diapers in your home!


7. Gunner and Lux is making the most incredible statement jewelry.  I love this one to dress up a more casual outfit.  


8. Lipstick for one of the more glam women in your life.


9.  I am always looking for great prints that I can switch in and out of my decor. This one from Schoolhouse is small enough to make a large impact and has a great message for you or your kids to look at everyday!


10. Slippers- always great for the comfort seeker in your life!


11. Happy Habitat Throw!  They wash well and seamlessly add pattern to a simple couch or chair!


12. A Must have Birdling Weekender to help travel sanity this holiday Season! We suggest giving it to her early so she can use it for all your Holiday Travel!