Meet Bri! This beautiful Minnesota mom of two boys. Why we love Bri? Mix totally relatable with perfectly non-judgmental, add in just the right amount of sweetness, and the perfect side of coming relief and you’ll find yourself lost in her feed.

Birdling Bags: On your nightstand?

Bri Heiligenthal: My baby took over my nightstand so I don’t even have one right now. So rude. Kidding, haha, but seriously the bassinet did replace my nightstand. He’s lucky he’s cute and sleeps really well. ;)

BB: On your Netflix?

BH: House of Cards, The Office, Shameless, Grey’s Anatomy

BB: Your Birdling of choice?

BH: The waxed canvas overnighter!

BB: Any funny/mortifying vacation stories?

BH: When Leo was a month old, we drove to Arkansas so he could meet his great grandparents and as we pulled in their driveway after the 11 hour drive we realized we forgot his entire suitcase. No diapers, wipes, clothes, nothing besides the couple things in our diaper bag. Sooooo, that was fun.

BB: Next Birding purchase?

BH: The grey overnighter!

BB: Beverage of choice?

BH: Fresca, passionfruit La Croix, Diet Coke, or a beer if it’s 5:00