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Posted. May 10, 2018

Meet Alexandria Smith

Meet Alexandria Smith, a homeschooling momma of three, film photographer of many, and wife to one handsome almond farmer. She lives with her family on a little farm in Central California with their chickens, cows, horse, dog and cat… she's also pushing for alpacas, but so far her husband isn’t going for it. She's determined to wear him down though. Alexandria spends her days surrounded by her little ones, Daphne (hence her business name and Instagram handle @lovedaphnemae) age 7, Sullivan age 4, and Marigold age 12 months, and documenting this precious season of her life with words and photographs.

BB: Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

AS: In the future I really want to become a doula and lactation educator. I think there is something so beautifully sacred about child birth, and I would love to help mothers have the birth experiences they desire, as well as help them navigate that magically exhausting postpartum time.

BB: What’s in your Birdling? What are the essentials you can’t leave home without?

AS: I don’t always travel for photoshoots, but when I do, I bring along my baby and my Birdling. So more often than not it is filled with my film camera and loads of film, diapers, my Solly wrap so I can wear her while I shoot, snacks, my Gathre mat to hang out on, and plenty of books and things to keep her entertained.

BB: What do you love most about your Birdling?

AS: What do I not love about my Birdling is the real question. I adore everything about this bag. Confession: I’ve actually admired and longed for a Birdling for well over a year, and now that I have one, I have no idea how I ever lived without it. It’s bottomless really; I can fit so many things in there and can also find them right when I need them because of all the compartments. It’s style meets functionality at its finest.

BB: What’s one thing you do to stay more organized and sane while at home? While traveling?

AS: At home I am constantly gathering what we don’t need and donating it. We have a small home, so storage is a luxury we aren’t accustomed to. I have to be careful with what I bring into our home. I am constantly reevaluating what we have and what we actually need, and the items that don’t have a very specific use, get donated. I have to do this monthly or I feel as though the walls are closing in on me.

When traveling, we only pack carry ons. Whether it was to Whistler last fall or North Carolina next month, I will make three carry ons work for the five of us. I like a challenge, and I like to travel light (vacuum bags for packing are key!). I think it’s a spatial thing… at home or while traveling, I like to only see the essentials; omitting the unnecessary clutter just feels calming to me.

BB: What do you absolutely have to get done? What can you let side?

AS: I have to clean my kitchen before I go to bed. I just love waking up to a fresh clean kitchen!

I let my kids' fingernails slide. I keep them cut short, yet they are always somehow full of dirt from playing outside all day. I can bathe them and have them scrub their hands all day long, but those little nails just stay nice and earthy. It’s such a sweet sign of a well-lived childhood to me that I just can’t seem to worry about it.

BB: If you could drop everything and travel today, where would you go? Who would you bring?

AS: My oldest daughter Daphne and I have been discussing some international travel lately. We are reading the sweetest book together called Fanny in France, and its making us want to pack up and head to the french countryside! We would bring along one of our dear friends and her daughter as well to spend some time in a charming old farmhouse, exploring the local offerings and cooking all of Mimi Thorissons’s recipes.

BB: What’s your most funny, terrible or memorable travel moment?

AS: Aside from the occasional meltdown from an overtired baby, we have had some really incredible travel experiences. A couple of years ago, the first time we went to Whistler, we rented an RV and camped throughout our stay. We hadn’t planned an itinerary or even decided on which campsites to stay at until we checked them out in person each day. The result was finding the most amazing places to lay our heads… think the side of a mountain overlooking the most beautiful sound in Squamish!

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