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Posted. May 04, 2018

Meet Chelsea

Meet Chelsea. She’s married to a heartthrob she adores, and together they have five beautiful wilds. They have been homeschooling the past six years and live in a teeny, tiny town (think population 300) in Arkansas on a big, beautiful farm in an old, quirky farmhouse.

BB: Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

C: I cannot touch newspapers, I get goosebumps just even thinking about the horror of it. Also, my Instagram handle is chels_holland, so everyone thinks Holland is my last name. Which, it actually is not. It’s my middle name and one that I’ve always loved. Apparantly I have a nom de plume which I find to be quite fancy.

BB: Whats in your Birdling? What are the essentials you can’t leave home without?

C: I never go anywhere without a hat and a few good books. Fixing my hair is not at the top of my priorities on most trips, so a hat is key to instant good looks. I also have an addiction to reading, so I always have at least one book with me. I just finished reading A Man Called Ove, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, and What Alice Forgot. All some of my favorite reads this year. I highly recommend them!

BB: What do you love most about your Birdling?

C: My husband calls me the bag lady. I have a library bag, a dance bag, a lunch/snack bag, a camera bag, a swim bag, a mail bag, a music bag. Its out of control. They are all terrible. This is the best bag I could have hoped for. It’s large enough to store everything I could possibly need for going out with this mass crew. It’s got incredible pockets to keep my chaotic self semi-organized and it’s just really good looking. Even my brother commented on my bag, which for him to notice my bag is just crazy.

BB: Whats one thing you do to stay more organized and sane while at home? While traveling?

C: I like things tidy. I try to keep the house picked up, and even when traveling I like to keep everyone’s gear together as best I can. It can feel overwhelming sometimes with all the moving parts and people. I tried to go minimalist for a bit. Bought The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, read one chapter, threw the book down and proceeded to get rid of everything in my home. Turns out we keep stuff around because we have five children and five children need some stuff around. My husband and kids still can’t say the name Marie Kondo without malice.

BB: What do you absolutely have to get done? What can you let slide?

C: I have to have my bed made. It’s a must. I’ve even been known to come home late at night, make the bed, and then get in. One day my hubby came home to find the bed still unmade and thought something terrible must have happened! But I’m the world’s worst at remembering to change the laundry. My sweet hubby couldn’t stand any more mildewed clothes, so he took over the washing and I do the folding!

BB: If you could drop everything and travel today, where would you go? Who would you bring?

C: My oldest daughter is learning French. It’s something she has done totally on her own and I’m just really proud of her. She and I have been dreaming of a mommy daughter getaway to Paris. She has most of it planned and an itinerary already in the works. So, it would be pretty amazing if we could make that happen.

BB: Whats your most funny, terrible or memorable travel moment?

C: We brought our crew to Chicago. In January. It was the best and worst trip we’ve ever had. If it could go wrong, it did. If we could get lost, we did. I’ve also never been that cold in my entire life, and I grew up in Alaska. That being said, it was one of the funniest few days of my life. I can remember every single detail of it. Somehow the mess of it all is what made it so extra special.

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