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Posted. August 23, 2018

Meet Erica Finnan!

Meet our favorite shop owner Erica Finnan, mama to two little girls Josie (5 1/2) and Phoebe (2 1/2) and her little French Bulldog Riley. She opened Murray & Finn, a shop for little ones and their mamas, in Summit, NJ four and a half years ago. She has loved every minute of her time at the shop and feels incredibly grateful for the people she has met along the way.

BB: What’s in your Birdling? What are the essential things you need with you at all times?

EF: Since I still have little ones I have to make sure to pack things like snacks, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, you name it. I usually leave at least one of those things at home while racing out the door, but everything else is packed up in my Birdling so I am ready for the day! 

BB: What do you love most about your Birdling?

EF: I love how much I can fit into the Overnighter! It's huge but still so compact. The fact that I can fit my stuff along with the girls stuff for a weekend away is super handy. Oh yeah, and it looks and feels amazing! Every color is so gorgeous and the bags are SO well made! 

BB: What’s one thing you do to stay more organized and sane?

EF: I love to make lists. My favorite thing to do is cross things off once they are completed. I'm weird like that. And when I am going away or packing things up I live for compartments. I love how all of the bags have so many places to put different things and I can separate all of our stuff. It keeps me organized and sane. 

BB: What’s one thing you absolutely have to get done? What’s one thing you let side?

EF: One thing that drives me nuts are toys everywhere. Sometimes I feel bad because I am constantly picking things up right after the girls are playing with them, but when I clean up all of the clutter and organize their toys it makes my day run so much more smoothly and way less nagging goes on. Our car on the other hand, not so tidy. This is one thing I definitely let slide and I have to be much better at! If you gals could come up with some sort of Birdling car organizer, I will take 100 of them.

BB: If you could drop everything and travel today. Where would you go? Who would you bring?

EF: Definitely Aruba. My husband Dermot and I went a few years ago and it was amazing! It would be really fun to bring the girls along this time and explore the beautiful island.



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