Meet Megan, Mama to little lady Leila and one half of her husband-wife wedding photography duo. She lives in the gorgeous city of San Luis Obispo, capturing it’s beautiful landscape and creating lasting wedding memories for couples they love.  You can check out her work here:


BB: What’s it like working with your husband!?

M&M: Honestly, I couldn’t do our business without Mason. He is my rock and the brains behind it all. Mason and I are a great team:) We have worked together for the past 6 years and have learned much in the process. Our job as photographers requires a lot of post processing office work and the fun of shooting weddings on the weekend. In both circumstances, we have found different roles that emphasize our personal strengths. When we thrive within these roles, we feel the most energized as a team. For instance, I always photograph the family because I am from a big family and enjoy the chaos of it all;) Mason works well in smaller groups, so he shoots the cocktail hour and chats with guests along the way. As we shoot portraits with each couple, we like to call it "a double date" because the four of us take some time away from the party and have fun out in a field or under a gorgeous oak tree. We laugh and chat and get time to capture the genuine relationship of each couple. It's a blast and we love what we do.

BB: Describe where you live?

M&M: We live in the Central Coast of California and are pretty obsessed with it:) San Luis Obispo has so much to offer for our family and our photography. As Mason and I  grow a family, we want to appreciate the outdoors and focus on community. I have lived in SLO for 10 years now, so I’m blessed with friends that we love and will walk through the reality of life together. For our business, SLO is the best because almost all the venues are outdoors, and since we are inspired by nature, light, and exploration with our couples, we can’t imagine anywhere else. Within 20 mins, you can find rolling hills, cliffs overlooking the beach, eucalyptus groves, rows of vineyards, and secret nooks all along the way. It’s unreal here!


BB: Best place to travel?

M&M: Oh gosh, that's hard to say, but we recently traveled to Yosemite with a bunch of friends and it was quite the adventure! We loved the fresh air, taking in the incredible views, hiking up the side of mountains and being with people we love. Yosemite is a place that seems different every time you go, so we hope to continue a yearly tradition with these friends. It’s a goal to go on a bigger trip with our family this year...maybe Cabo or Hawaii, but who knows:) Ultimately, we enjoy time to be together in a new place, hiking, relaxing, or cruising through little shops and tasty restaurants.


BB: Favorite wedding venue you’ve shot at?

M&M: I honestly don’t think I could answer that question because they are all unique and perfect for the vision of each of our couple’s wedding. I think the main aspect I appreciate about a venue is one that has incredible views of San Luis Obispo. If we can photograph a ceremony, a couple or fun bridal party overlooking green vineyards, walking through an open field or amidst magical oak trees, we are happy as can be:)

 BB: You go to a LOT of weddings…any advice or creative ideas that haven’t hit pinterest hard yet?

M&M: Haha! I know. There is so much inspiration out there, but I would encourage people to incorporate pops of color. Currently, wedding styles can be more neutral, and don’t get me wrong, I love it- but I also LOVE color:)

 BB: Birdling of Choice?

M&M: The weekender bag is my favorite because it can fit SO MUCH! I’m seriously amazing by it. The compartments make it easy to organize all I need to pack for Leila or myself. One time, I packed both of us in it;)

 BB: Funny Mom Fails or stories?

M&M: Hmmm….while I’m on the subject of packing… I used to think that “mom brain” wasn’t a real thing, but it is! I am already prone to forgetfulness, but during the first 4 months after Leila was born, I just couldn’t remember a thing. Anyways, I went to visit my parents for a weekend and when I got there, I realized that I didn’t pack any bras or underwear. Ugh. How is that even possible?!? Needless to say, I now make myself a checklist whenever I leave town:)