Meet Mollie Chen!  Mollie is one of the Co-Founders of Birch Box .  As a former magazine editor and resident beauty expert we were so excited to see what Mollie is packing in her hospital bag.  Check out our interview with Mollie below...

BB:  Any beauty life hacks to share?

MC: I’m pretty streamlined with my beauty routine. I like to find the best products and use as few of them as possible, though of course I love trying things. I’m especially big on skincare; I think good masks and serums go a loooong way. Whenever my skin is looking really dull, I use an enzyme-based mask (currently loving Herbivore’s Brighten Mask, which is also all natural) and follow it up with a concentrated serum or face oil to protect and hydrate. Makeup-wise, you can never underestimate the power of some blush and mascara—I tend to go for cream-based corals or pinks (favorites include RMS Lip2Cheek in Demure and Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in Perk) and the most lengthening mascara I can find (you can’t beat Benefit’s They’re Real or Roller Lash). 

BB:  Perfect Sunday?

MC: I can’t sleep in (and on the flip side, can’t stay up late) so I’m usually up early. My husband or I will make coffee and some breakfast (granola and yogurt, or scrambled eggs with greens and toast) read a bit of the newspaper. Then, we’ll usually head to the farmer’s market to stock up on whatever looks good and wander around our neighborhood for a bit. I love getting in a yoga class on Sunday because it’s the perfect way to wind down the weekend, and we usually try to cook something for dinner that can also be turned into leftover lunch for the week—roast chicken and a big grain salad, maybe. We’ll see how much having a baby changes our routine!

BB:  With your first baby only a few weeks old, what family tradition or place are you most excited to share with your little one?

MC: My husband and I both love cooking, and it’s a huge part of our life. I am excited to gain a new kitchen helper (will keep her away from sharp and hot things, of course) and to teach her how to have fun with ingredients and recipes. 

BB:  What are the essentials you’re packing in your hospital bag?

MC: I’ve gotten a lot of great tips from friends and also our amazing doula. I’m trying to find a balance between bringing things that will make me comfortable and going overboard with too much stuff. I’m bringing an exercise ball to sit on because I know I’ll feel crazy lying on a bed for hours, plus flip-flops in case I want to get in the shower during labor. People swear by coconut water and homemade laborade so I’m planning on bringing both of those, a water bottle, and some homemade cookies for the nurses. I have plenty of great mini beauty products from Birchbox, and I’m bringing my favorite face wash, shampoo, and body soap, plus rich lotion and lip balm to combat hospital dryness. I’ve also got tons of hair ties!

BB: Next Birdling Purchase?

MC: I’m excited to use my Essentials Kit for my hospital trip (and beyond) and plan on buying a couple for the moms-to-be in my life and pre-stocking them with hospital essentials. I also love the look of the mini day tripper and think it could come in handy for family outdoor excursions later this summer!

BB: What’s next for Mollie?

MC: I keep joking that I’m taking the summer off to learn how to work a tiny human, and that’s kind of the plan. I’m excited to become a parent, and then start to explore full-time roles with early stage consumer companies in the fall.