Taking a spring "vacation" (trip) with our kids!

 I remember eagerly awaiting our first "vacation" with Tess when she was a baby.   I had pretty much packed up our entire apartment to make sure we were adequately stocked for a warm getaway.  The night before we left, I ran into our friend who has older kids than us and he chuckled when I said we were going on vacation with Tess.  He told that from now on, a vacation is when it’s just Andrew and I (which will happen less than a blue moon) and it’s called a trip when you are traveling with anyone that still pees in their pants.   

I have found that this couldn’t be more true.   We are heading to Florida to escape the craziness for a few days, but we won’t be escaping parenting!  I pride myself on being organized, but that all goes out the window when I am traveling with my sweet toddler tyrants.  The one time I flew alone with both of them, I realized after security and two minutes before boarding that I Ieft Mack’s formula and bottle in the car which made for a quiet ride for all on United.  And when we traveled to Florida last January, we hit the week where it was warmer in New Jersey and the ear infectors decided to camp out in Tess and Mack’s ears for the entire week.   It was so much fun.

When we head to the airport this year for our "vacation" (trip), I am packing an arsenal of bribery items for good behavior in my Birdling and ordering a glass of wine as soon as I tuck my bag away with all that leg room.  I will also be keeping my fingers crossed that no one pees in their pants until we make it to the Sunshine State where the sun damn well better be shining.