Friends of Birdling
Posted. April 29, 2024

Birdling x Ghostek

BIG NEWS! We’ve teamed up with Ghostek to create the ideal outdoor exploration combo for people that prefer lightweight and sturdy, yet stylish products for each of their own outdoor adventures.


When you are planning an outdoor adventure, you want to make sure every product you use is built to withstand the outdoors. You do not want a bag that is only meant to look nice, you need something that you can rely on, rain or shine. What better bag to choose than our Adventure Weekender.


The Adventure Weekender is a lightweight, water-resistant polyester bag that is built to survive any adventure. This bag will keep your belongings dry and warm while you take on the outdoors.


When taking on the outdoors, you also want to make sure your phone has a strong, reliable case to protect it if something happens.


Ghostek has the perfect cases to protect your smartphone. When choosing Galaxy S24 cases you want something that fits your personality. The Nautical is the best smartphone case for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. It provides reliable protection for their devices in the most extreme environments. The durable construction and watertight seal design gives it an IP68 waterproof rating. It ensures your phone stays safe from the most difficult conditions, drops, and impacts. Thrill seekers love it. Find yours here


Together, these products will make sure you are ready to take on any adventure. Get your Weekender and Ghostek case before your next outdoor trip!



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