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Posted. May 14, 2019


With the re-release of our totes, we've received lots of questions about them and wanted to clear up any confusion between the two. While they may look similar in photos, they're very different bags, and we know that Day Trippers, Mini Day Trippers, and Everyday Totes (oh my!) can get a little confusing. First things first: perhaps one of the biggest questions is "What happened to the Mini Day Tripper?" The Everyday Tote has replaced the old Mini Day Tripper. It's very similar to the old Mini, just tweaked a bit (which you can read about here). We thought the name "Mini Day Tripper" was a little misleading, as the bag itself wasn't really all that mini, so now we have the Everyday Tote and the Day Tripper.


  • The Day Tripper is larger and has shorter handles (7" drop), while the Everyday Tote is smaller and has longer handles (12" drop). The Day Tripper also has a removable shoulder strap.
  • The Everyday Tote is lined, while the Day Tripper is not.
  • The Day Tripper has a zippered mesh bottom to shake out sand and dirt and has an interior insulated pouch to keep food and drinks cold.
  • The Everyday Tote has an interior padded laptop pouch.
  • The Day Tripper does not zip at the top, but the Everyday Tote does.

Day Tripper Interior

Everyday Tote Interior


  • Both are made out of the same durable canvas and are available in the same colors.
  • Both bags have an interior key clip.
  • Both bags have an exterior front pocket and two side pockets, which are great for drinks (but the Day Tripper has two extra pockets on the back of it - great for books, magazines, or sunscreen at the beach).

Day Tripper Front View

Everyday Tote Front View


The Day Tripper is our go-to beach bag. There are plenty of pockets to keep sunscreen, snacks, and drinks separate and can hold multiple beach towels. While it's great for the beach, it can also be used for the park or trips to the farmer's market. You can even pack it for a quick overnighter trip.

Day Tripper Beach Bag

The Everyday Tote is just that - your everyday bag. It's great for commuting to work, running errands, a gym bag, or even a diaper bag.

Everyday Tote

We hope this answers any questions you may have in deciding which tote is right for you! Feel free to email us at hello@birdling.com with any additional questions you may have.

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