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Posted. March 04, 2019

Packing like a Pro: Marie Kondo Approved

With Spring cleaning on the horizon and the Marie Kondo craze in full effect we wanted to take a break from the daily grind and put our bags to the ultimate organization test. We hired Cassidy from Felt Home NY who is a KonMari Certified Consultant (certified by Marie Kondo herself!) and set out to see how our Weekender, Overnighter and Backpacker stood up to the test!

Cassidy of Felt Home NY


We packed up our Weekender as if you’re traveling with a baby and got a lesson in the KonMari fold. What we took away - make everything look like a little burrito and you can fit so much more!



Next we took our Overnighter and packed it for one night away!



So many of you have asked what the Backpacker looks like when packed as a diaper bag so we had Cassidy pack that up with a few baby essentials as well!



Cassidys Tips:
Make sure all items spark joy!
put like items with like items before packing.
fold with the KonMari Mehtod(TM) for optimal visibility.
Items should go from light to dark when packed!
Use a bag that can keep things separated and contained (like any of our Bags!)

Thank you so much to Cassidy for showing us to fit even more stuff in our Birdlings!

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