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Posted. September 18, 2018

What to Pack: Travel Kit

The Travel Kit is one of our favorite bags to bring along on trips for toiletries because it can easily fit into a Weekender or Overnighter, but we like to think outside the box here at Birdling and come up with ways it can help keep us organized during those times in between travel. Why let it collect dust in your linen close or under your bathroom sink when you could put it to use?

Last minute mishaps are bound to happen while the wedding party is primping to walk down the aisle. Bridesmaid #3 will break a heel, while Bridesmaid #2 will break a nail. Bridesmaid #4 will forget her deodorant and Bridesmaid #5 won't feel so hot after the previous night's festivities at the rehearsal dinner. AND PLEASE, SOMEONE PASS THE DRY SHAMPOO! Enter the Maid of Honor Emergency Kit. You will be everyone's hero and no one will doubt why you are the bride's right hand (wo)man. Pack Tylenol, breath mints, a sewing kit, etc. to keep everyone happy and the bride in tip top shape to say I do. 

Olive Travel Kit

Storing first aid supplies is a great way to get some extra miles out of your Travel Kit when you're not hitting the road. Band-Aids, EpiPens, and Tylenol are all within sight, meaning you can find what you need quickly when someone skins a knee or gets stung by a bee. Pack it up and leave it in your car for emergencies, or simply pack the removable snap-in pouch with your most important first aid essentials and throw it in your bag when you hit the park because we all know skinned knees and bumped heads are bound to happen there. Now you'll be the one everyone bums a band-aid from!  

Grey Travel Kit

If you've ever had a baby, you've probably thought of a million ways to store diapers, wipes, lotions, and ointments downstairs so don't have to run upstairs every time your baby needs a diaper change. Newborns require A LOT of diaper changes, which means that's A LOT of up and down the stairs for you. While it's certainly good exercise, we also think keeping a Travel Kit filled with all the diaper changing essentials close by is a solid option for when you've already sweat through your t-shirt in the middle of the night. And since you're probably doing everything one-handed, the handles make it super easy for carrying while your other hand is cradling precious cargo. 

Washed Olive Travel Kit

This isn't outside the box, of course, and is the bag's original intended use, but it's really a great way to pack your toiletries and makeup when you're traveling because there's no digging through hair ties and makeup brushes to find your toothbrush (and finding weird things in it because of said hair ties and makeup brushes). You can use the snap-in clear pouch to take only your toiletries into the bathroom for showering, or you can use it to store your makeup and throw it into your Mini Day Tripper when you're running late for a work meeting and need to apply your mascara in the back of the cab. Ok, maybe apply the mascara in the hotel room and save the cab for lipstick or some other form of makeup that won't potentially result in a life-threatening injury when you hit the inevitable pothole.  

Navy Travel Kit

We hope this has helped you see how the Travel Kit can be incorporated into your everyday life to make things easier and keep you more organized. While it’s an awesome toiletries bag, it’s so much more than that! This month we're launching two new colors in addition to the classics of Navy and Berry. Introducing Grey and Washed Olive! 

Grey Travel Kit

Washed Olive Travel Kit

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