About Birdling

Birdling was born in 2012, when our founder Courtney went on vacation for the first time with her new baby. Frustrated by the disorganized jumble of clothes and gear in her cavernous travel bag, she thought to herself, “There has to be a better way.”

She enlisted our co-founder Meagan to help design a bag that’s divided into a bunch of super-useful compartments, and Birdling quickly took flight. Almost a decade—and thousands of customers— later, seeing our bags out in the wild still excites us. It feels like only yesterday we were just a couple of friends building a company out of our homes.

Today, we sell 14+ products that are designed to do one thing: make your life easier. And as we grow and expand, we keep finding new ways to do that, like adding really durable hardware, new types of pockets (insulated! waterproof!) and extra-comfy handles. Our products are great looking, built to last, and functional like no other. And when you purchase a Birdling bag, you get above and beyond customer service. It’s who we are.

Here at Birdling, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We know we’re not changing the world. But we have figured out a way to make classic canvas bags better, so your next vacation, day at the beach, or trip to the office can be a little bit smoother. And that’s something we’re proud of.

Meet the team