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Posted. March 02, 2018

Meet Hailey Andresen

Meet Hailey Andresen, a writer, podcaster, stylist, food lover, mother and wife living in Brooklyn, NY. Hailey started the lifestyle blog Household Mag in 2015, which has since become full-time work for her. In 2017, Hailey, along with her husband Zack and their son Owen, decided to leave their Brooklyn home to travel the world for a few months. While they were away they learned so many valuable lessons, but most importantly they learned that Brooklyn is their home. Last month they made their way back from traveling and are building a nest in Brooklyn, again.

BB: What’s in your Birdling? What are the essential things you need with you at all times?

HA: As a mom of a toddler I always have diapers, wipes, snacks, toys, a water bottle and of course the traditional purse items (wallet, phone, keys, etc.). We are heading out of town today so I’m packing my Birdling as a carry on for our trip with all of my clothing and toiletries for the trip!

BB: What do you love most about your Birdling?

HA: I love how practical it is for short or long trips and the effortless, classic style.

BB: What’s one thing you do to stay more organized and sane?

HA: I limit the amount of things I carry with me and do laundry wherever we’re heading. When we were traveling this past year we slimmed down to just backpacks and really learned how few things we truly need. I would so much rather have to do laundry every few days than carry too much around. This not only helps with the travel days themselves, but also limits the time spent trying to figure out what to wear. Less options, less time!

BB: What’s one thing you absolutely have to get done? What’s one thing you let side?

HA: I’m a bit of a clean freak at home these days - before I can get any work done, focus or even leave the house I make it a point to pick up. But, doing my hair or really getting ready is something that rarely gets done these days!

BB: If you could drop everything and travel today. Where would you go? Who would you bring?

HA: We visited Paris for the first time as a family last May, and in all honesty I think I would go there with just my husband. It was a great city to spend a month in with our son, but I know we would both love to return sans Owen and experience the nightlife and romance of Paris! All I would need is my Birdling bag to carry on the flight.

>BB: What’s your most funny, terrible or memorable travel moment?

HA: Oh my goodness, great question. We had one particularly tough travel day heading between Berlin to Hvar, Croatia this summer.

It started out smooth. We were packed, ready and waiting outside for our cab ride and he pulled up right on schedule. About 20 minutes into the ride my husband realized he still had the keys to our Airbnb, but crisis averted, our cab driver and host were kind enough to agree to exchange the keys later that day. No more than 10 minutes later Owen starts vomiting - all over this guys Mercedes. The poor kid used to get motion sick very easily, and this was no exception. We end up making it to the airport on time and get him cleaned up and ready for the flight. We board and things seem like they’re back on track. Taking deep breaths and assuming the worst is over. Zack asks the flight attendant if we can have just a little water for Owen and without our knowledge they fill his cup with HOT tea water. He takes one quick sip and spits hot water everywhere. Luckily he was okay, but it was terrifying and incredibly upsetting. We then land in Croatia, have a 45 minute cab right to an hour long ferry, but we make it to Hvar. *Sigh of relief*

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