A bit of housekeeping and what's to come!
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Posted. July 16, 2020

A bit of housekeeping and what's to come!

We wanted to thank you all for your continued support throughout these unprecedented times. Not only has COVID-19 turned everyone's lives upside down on a personal level, but it has also affected businesses, both big AND small. 

We've appreciated your patience with slower shipping times and our lack of new inventory. We had expected to launch new products and colors earlier this summer, but our production times were delayed.

So before we give you a sneak peak of what's to come VERY SOON, how about we answer some recent FAQ's?

Q: Will you be having a sale soon?

A: We don't plan on it! But our Wheat Weekenders and Overnighters ARE on sale.

Q: Will you be restocking the Rylee + Cru Sunburst?

A: Unfortunately, no. It was a limited edition print, but we do have some Terrazzo left!

Q: When will you have new Backpackers?

A: As we mentioned, our production was delayed because of COVID-19, but we will have a small restock of a couple colors in the next couple of weeks and will be fully stocked by mid-August. 

Q: Will you be restocking the Zip Pouch?

A: Oh yeah! They'll be back soon in new colors. 

Q: Is this the last of Pink?

A. It is! We only have Day Trippers left, so hurry!

Q: Will the Everyday Tote be back?

A: Yes! And better than ever, with a slightly different/smaller shape and leather handles. More to come on colors soon!

Q: Whatever happened to the Circle Bag you guys teased us with?

A: It's coming very soon, we promise! Think mid-August.

We hope that helped answer your questions and clear up any confusion. We're just as excited for our re-stock as you are!

Now for a LOW STOCK ALERT...

Slate Day Trippers

Chestnut Weekenders



Hi Ahren! They’re from Beatrice Valenzuela!

Ahren Foster_

totally random… haha but what are the leather slides that are in the pic with your overnighter?!? I love them! and love your bags. I own about 10 and love them allll!!! Cant wait to snag a circle bag!



Hi Maria,

We will announce new colors once we have everything up on the website!



The new bags look great. Can’t wait.


Excited for new launch!!
Do you think you could give idea of colors?

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